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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register multiple kids?

     a. You will need to create a ReadySetRegister profile for each participant you are registering for camp. 

2. How are kids supervised?

     a. All camps have a 1:10 ratio (including overnight), all sessions have a state-certified athletic trainer, all camp directors are CPR/First Aid certified, and all camp staff have completed required certifications by UW-Systems

3. Can another Adult bring my participant? 

     a. Yes, the registration process must be completed by Parent/Legal Guardian. Camp staff will be checking all processed registrations prior to camp when registration closes. Custodial Care transfers from parents to camp staff when the registered participant has fully completed the check-in process. Custodial Care transfers back from camp staff to parents when the camp is dismissed and the check-out process is completed. 

4. What is a Resident/Commuter?

     a. Resident camper is an overnight camper where lodging and breakfast is included in their registration fee. A commuter is getting dropped off and picked up every day of the camp, and breakfast is not included in their meals. 

5. When are Refunds issued?

     a. 1) Refunds are available only for emergencies. If a camper is unable to participate due to injury, a full refund will be issued after a Doctor's note is provided to the camp staff prior to the start of camp. 2) Camps often sell out with a waitlist, if a waitlist spot is accepted then a full refund can be provided for any reason. 3) After June 1, all camp refunds are subjected to a $50 cancellation/convenience fee regardless of waitlist spots available. If a camp refund is requested after June 1 without 1 and/or 2 taking place, then a camp admin fee of 35-40% will be deducted prior to issuing the refund. 

6. I would like to Request a Roommate

     a. Camps that offer resident registration will have an opportunity to request a roommate. You may enter more than one name. Please list the full name. Roommate request is not guaranteed, and requests are processed in the order in which registration has been completed. Campers will find out their roommate at Camp Check-in. 


7. Is my camper guaranteed Camp T-Shirt(s)/Camp Gift?

     a. Registering your camper before May 15, 2023, will guarantee them their camp t-shirt(s) and camp gift. 

8. What should my camper wear to the camp?

     a. Athletic clothes, knee pads, indoor court shoes. Bring a water bottle.

9. Will there be a packing list provided?

     a. A packing list will be emailed to the email used at the time of registration. Along with other camp information emails will start to go out 30, 14, 7, 3, and 1 day(s) prior to the start of camp.


10. Is there Parking?

     a. Parking is available on campus. All Pay Lots are enforced 24/7 ($1/hr)

     b. Resident campers who are driving themselves can reach out to camp staff for additional parking details.  



11. Can parents come watch their kids at camp?

     a. Parents can come watch their kids at camp. There will be seating on the Mezzanine level of Page Arena, Bleachers in Knowles, and chairs in Karges Gym. 


12. What dorms are the Resident Camps staying in?

     a. Ames Suites -

     b. South Fork Suites -

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